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Latest News
Three New Commanders to Lead Canadian Army Divisions Jun. 24, 2016
Royal Canadian Navy Welcomes New Commander Jun. 23, 2016
Discovery Air Defence Standing Offers Extended for ICATS Jun. 22, 2016
Bluedrop Receives Contract for Canadian Maritime Helicopter Project Jun. 22, 2016
IMP Aerospace Delivers Final Aircraft to Royal Norwegian Air Force Jun. 21, 2016
Airbus C295W Demonstration Tour in Canada Jun. 20, 2016
MDA Signs Contract with DND for Maritime Surveillance System Jun. 17, 2016
IMP Delivers Final Re-winged Aircraft to Royal Norwegian Air Force Jun. 16, 2016
CAE Awarded Contracts by UAE Armed Forces valued at C$145M Jun. 15, 2016
L-3 MAS Awarded Contract for U.S. Navy’s F/A-18 Jun. 15, 2016
GDMS-Canada Successfully Completes At-Sea Testing Jun. 14, 2016
CarteNav Completes Successful Software Testing with Airbus Jun. 14, 2016
Pacific Fleet Warships Depart for Exercise RIMPAC Jun. 13, 2016
Government Announces New Procurement Approach for CSC Vessels Jun. 13, 2016
Canadian Tire Partners with Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services Jun. 13, 2016