A Surprise New CSC Design has Emerged

A Surprise New CSC Design has Emerged

Dr Danny Lam is a Calgary-based defence and technology analyst who has been closely following requirements of the US Navy as well as Canada’s CSC program. He has come to the conclusion that Canada’s CSC program may be in trouble for a number of reasons and is in danger of being cancelled but Lam has come up with a potential solution that he says could see Canada still get the new warships it needs but, instead of seeing costs balloon to the $60 Billion plus level, Canada could do a deal that would see it get its new warship, virtually for free.

Dr Lam has made his plan exclusively available to CDR and we are now able to share it with our on-line readers. So, is this a harebrained scheme or a brilliant strategic plan that is eminently doable? We’ll let our very well informed and astute readers decide for themselves. At the very least, Dr Lam’s plan provides much food for thought about CSC and where it’s going!

To read Dr Lam’s FULL CSC proposal as submitted to CDR click HERE



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