RUAG Receives Contracts from Rheinmetall Canada

RUAG has been awarded two contracts for the Repair & Overhaul of several subcomponents for the 42 Canadian Leopard 2 A4 training tanks, as a subcontractor of Rheinmetall Canada.

One contract from Rheinmetall Canada covers the repair and upgrade of the HSWL 354 transmission which includes several ECPs (engineering change proposals) such as the brake reinforcement. The complete repair and upgrade work including incoming inspection and final acceptance test on the dynamic test bench will be done at RUAG’s facilities in Thun.

A further contract covers the repair and overhaul of safety related hydraulic components of the turret drive and weapon system.

The process of repair & overhaul has been initiated and will continue until 2013.

RUAG Defence looks back on a long partnership with the Swiss Army. The Swiss fleet, of formerly 380 Leopards, was built under license by RUAG. 134 of these tanks are at present in an upgrade programme and will be completely overhauled by RUAG.Defence. Therefore RUAG offers outstanding maintenance service as a one stop shop for the Leopard 2 A4.


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