GD Canada to Supply Communications Parts to Canadian Army

General Dynamics Canada in Calgary has received a contract from the government for Vehicle Interface Unit (VIU) Amplifiers for Canadian Forces communications equipment.

The initial contract is valued at $3,655,475, with an unfunded option to purchase additional units over the next two years, for a total value of $7,310,950, according to the government.

More from the government on the contract:
The VIU Amplifier is a component of the Army’s Iris Communication System. Virtually every vehicle in the Army’s fleet uses this amplifier. VIU Amplifiers provide extra power to enable communications over large distances. The amplifiers are being purchased by the Army to replenish its spare VIU Amplifier inventory and replace units previously removed from vehicles in support of overseas operations.

The contract will initially purchase a firm quantity of 500 VIU Amplifiers and associated cable assemblies. The contract will also include the option to purchase additional quantities of up to 500 amplifiers and associated cable assemblies up to two years after the contract has been awarded.

The first delivery of the VIU Amplifiers is expected in June 2012.

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