Gen. Walter Natynczyk Discusses Life Beyond Politics

On Sunday,January 22nd at 8 PM ET, CPAC will air a special one-on-one interview between host Catherine Clark and General Walter Natynczyk, Canada’s Chief of Defence Staff. A native of Winnipeg, In this edition of Beyond Politics – the show that explores the personal side of public figures’ lives – Natynczyk shares the lesser known side of the man who commands the Canadian Forces.

Natynczyk started in the Cadets before joining the Canadian Forces. He advanced quickly through the ranks earning the respect of his soldiers who dubbed him Uncle Walt during his time in Petawawa. During a European post, he met Leslie, a school teacher hired by the Department of National Defence to teach the families of soldiers. They would eventually marry and today have three grown children who of their own accord also chose to pursue military careers.
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