Top Aces' CATS Contract Extended

Top Aces, a wholly owned subsidiary of Discovery Air, has announced that its Interim Contracted Airborne Training Services (ICATS) Standing Offer arrangements have been extended by the Government of Canada for a 12 month period, taking the service delivery to June 2013.

Top Aces is the exclusive supplier of combat support airborne training services to the Canadian Forces. The ICATS program supports Army Forward Air Controller (FAC) training in close air support operations, and supports the Air Force and Navy in adversary support and live fire target practice. The program also includes an electronic warfare simulation capability supported by Department of National Defence (DND) Electronic Warfare Officers (EWOs).

CEO of Discovery Air, Dave Jennings, commented "Our client, the Canadian Forces, values the service they are getting from Top Aces and have demonstrated this by exercising this option. Top Aces has built an experienced team and provides a safe and excellent service every day to the military since 2005."
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