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Military truck program redefined Nov. 12, 2007
The RFP for the MSVS program to replace the army's fleet of MLVW military trucks has slipped due to new requirements that may involve heavier armouring than originally called for sources in the program opffice tell CDR. A number of leading military truck builders have expressed an interest in the program which has received government approval and is currently in the definition phase. The current MLVW trucks have been in service for 25 years and require replacing urgently. Lieutenant-Colonel Perry Wells recently told CDR, "There are many military logistics trucks in service in combat theatres but many have been modified from their original design to incorporate armour protection and other enhancements."



Said Wells, "We’re trying to incorporate the lessons they have learned at the beginning of the MSVS program, as opposed to making these issues afterthoughts. We’re taking the time to make sure we get the most appropriate vehicles.” Having said this, many believe the refining of requirements by DND is unnecessarily prolonging and delaying the introduction of new vehicles for the Forces. It has been pointed out that the largest industrial defence nation in the world today is the United States, and that their testing and modifications in light of operational experience should be ample information for any other nation to recognize, and copy. Another critical point many have raised is why DND doesn’t run a drive-off competition over a set period of time, to see which product is best overall.