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L-3 MAS and Elbit Systems partner up for JAIC Nov. 09, 2007
CDR has learned that L-3 Communications MAS (Canada) Inc., and the Israeli UAV company, Elbit Systems have joined forces to offer Canada, the Hermes 900 UAS, as a solution for the Joint Airborne ISR Capability (JAIC) program. L-3 MAS will be the prime contractor, while Elbit Systems will provide ISTAR capabilities with advanced MALE UAS.

The Hermes 900 UAS, which is fully compliant to JAIC requirements, is the next generation of the Hermes 450 and operates from the same ground control system. It is amongst the lowest operation and life cycle cost UAS’s of its class and will be built and maintained in Canada, and be supported by Canadian engineers, program managers and technicians.

The Hermes 900 offers fault tolerance and full redundancy of all airborne, datalink and ground control systems, as well as mature avionics and ground control systems, advanced, flexible and affordable SATCOM system, all weather capability, and an integrated Automatic Take-Off and Landing (IATOL) system.