Meggitt Installs Wireless Target Retrieval System

Meggitt Training Systems attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Sandy Springs Gun Club in Sandy Springs, GA, where Meggitt has installed its Next Generation Wireless Target (XWT) retrieval system. The XWT is the shooting industry’s first wireless, 360-degree turning target retrieval system.

The XWT system eliminates the requirement to replace frayed cables and to continually adjust the tension of cables and pulleys found on traditional target retrievers. The XWT system is operated via wireless communication through a user-friendly, touch-screen controller. The Sandy Springs Gun Club installation is the first of its kind in the United States.

Local law enforcement officers will use the XWT target retrieval system, along with Meggitt’s Next Generation Virtual Training System (XVT), for marksmanship qualification and judgmental training. Meggitt-installed acoustic baffles and ballistic stalls provide additional safety for the users. Shooters at the range will be further protected by the use of Meggitt’s GranTrap™, which represents state of the art technology for bullet capture and lead containment.

“We are proud that law enforcement officers and recreational shooters will use the latest of our live-fire and virtual training systems,” said Rich Haddad, president of Meggitt Training Systems. “We are committed to safety and training for law enforcement professionals and our commercial customers. These products are an example of Meggitt’s continued leadership in the live and virtual training industry.”
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