Thales Canada and DEW Team for TAPV

Thales Canada has signed an exclusive teaming agreement with DEW Engineering and Development ULC on the assembly of the Bushmaster for the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) Program in Canada. This agreement forms a strategic alliance between two Canadian based companies for the provision of the best solution for the TAPV program, a program that will supply the Canadian Army with up to 600 armoured patrol vehicles.

"The Bushmaster is a combat proven vehicle serving with distinction with our Allies in Afghanistan today and the vehicle we know the Canadian military needs to meet its mission requirements today and over the next two decades and beyond," said Paul Kahn, Thales Canada President and CEO. "DEW Engineering and Development is an integral member of the TAPV Bushmaster team and brings unique expertise and a strong Canadian workforce in the armour vehicle field, a workforce that will become integral to the Thales Global Supply Chain for years to come."

With over 680 Bushmaster vehicles already in-service with the forces of Australia, the Netherlands and other NATO Allies, Thales has a fully developed, independently tested and combat proven vehicle that is ideal for the Canadian TAPV program. The base vehicle will be offered with various weapon systems, such as a remote weapons station, sighting and vision systems as well integrated electronic architectures and C4I options to enhance the vehicle mission performance.

"DEW Engineering and Development is excited about partnering with Thales in offering the Bushmaster vehicle for the TAPV program, in all my years in the armoured vehicle business I have never seen a vehicle of this caliber." added Tim Dear, President of DEW Engineering and Development. "This will be the combat vehicle that the Canadian worker will proudly say 'I helped build that and it's for my Army,' and the Bushmaster will bring lasting economic benefits to Canada not only through the TAPV program but on potential future export sales of the vehicle.

The Canadian Military has defined the Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program as a general utility combat vehicle that will need to fulfill a variety of roles on the battlefield, such as reconnaissance and surveillance, command and control, cargo, and infantry section carrier. The vehicle will replace the Armoured Patrol Vehicle (APV), the Coyote LAV 2 and will complement the Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled (LUVW).
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