INKAS Armored Appoints MGen (Ret'd) D. Fraser as COO

INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing, a global leader in production of armored vehicles for private, commercial and military purposes, is delighted to announce the appointment of retired Maj.-Gen. David Fraser as its new COO.

Retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser is a well-known Canadian Armed Forces veteran with a truly remarkable history, both academically and professionally. He holds degrees in Psychology, Political Science, a Master’s degree in Defense Management and Policy as well as numerous accreditations from the Ivey Business School, the Canadian Forces College and other accreditations from the United States. Retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser has served for over 30 years leading Canadian as well as other NATO troops in some of the most challenging missions worldwide such as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Cyprus.

In response to global instability and growing demand for armored vehicles all over the world, INKAS® Armored has appointment retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser as its new COO aiming to improve the company’s position in the market, further increase the quality of its products and expand its operation on a military level. Retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser’s exceptional leadership skills as well as extensive experience with the Canadian Forces, NATO and other government and military departments will make an invaluable contribution to the business and ensure that all INKAS® Armored vehicles respond to the needs and requirements set forth by peacekeeping missions on the ground.

Following the recently successful deployment of INKAS® Armored military vehicles, particularly armored personnel carriers, by various Defense Forces worldwide, INKAS® Armored aims to bring the production of peacekeeping equipment to a new level. The company believes that retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser’s experience and skills coupled together with the company’s innovative technologies and production capacities will allow INKAS® to manufacture products at the very top of the industry in terms of quality and pricing.

The appointment of retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser Fraser as its new COO is an important step in the INKAS® initiative to relocate its production capacities from the UAE to Canada in order to strengthen its position as a global leader in the security industry by boosting quality of its products. Since 2014, INKAS® Armored has been manufacturing all of its vehicles in Canada paying close attention to advanced production technologies and quality control.

“Retired Maj.-Gen. Fraser is an outstanding leader with extraordinary skills and experience in the industry. We believe that his leadership will make a long-lasting positive impact within INKAS® Armored. The Army is a large, efficient organization, and by the new appointment of retired Maj.-Gen. David Fraser we hope to bring its best management practices to the business in order to develop the company and sustain its position as a worldwide leader in armored vehicles manufacturing”, says David Khazanski, CEO, INKAS® Armored Vehicle Manufacturing.