SDTC and OMX Partner to Promote Cleantech

Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) and OMX signed a Memorandum of Understanding last week that will promote investment in Canada's green energy sector while providing industry with a proven  platform for the management of defence offset credits.  

SDTC, whose portfolio of companies under management are valued at more than $2 billion, will be using the OMX software as the primary database for its Aerospace, Defence and Security (ADS) Cleantech Program; allowing defence contractors to invest in innovative green energy projects as part of their offset obligations. 

 “This partnership is extremely exciting, both for the future of Canadian technologies that promote a cleaner world, and for defence organizations globally," said Nicole Verkindt, Founder and President, OMX.

OMX is a Canadian based company whose proprietary software allows contractors that work with the Government of  Canada on aerospace, defence and security projects to securely track their defence offset credits with the ability to output detailed regional and industrial benefits.

“Cleantech makes the aerospace, defence and security sector cleaner, faster, more cost-effective and, in a word, better. The MOU makes it easier than ever for international players to invest in Canadian cleantech, ensuring that they have the tool they need to effect maximum benefit to the Canadian economy. 

We are excited to take this step with OMX," said Vicky Sharpe, President and CEO, SDTC.  Already, SDTC has a demonstrated track record with over 19 transactions worth more than $300M, facilitated by its ADS Cleantech Program since 2010.